How It Works

You now have the power of early detection. Here's how to use it.


Step OneBook Your Reveal Scan

Choose Your Reveal Scan

Select the screening or diagnostic Reveal Scan of your choice.

Choose The Time & Place

Select the time and location that works best for your schedule.

Book Your Reveal Scan

Step TwoReview Your Medical History

Complete Your Medical History Form

Sign in to your secure dashboard to complete your Medical History form.

Schedule Your Medical History Review*

Chat with a licensed medical professional from our care team about your medical history.

*Only applicable when you don't already have a doctor's order.


Step ThreeGet Your Reveal Scan

Follow Your Pre-Scan Instructions

We will provide simple instructions on how to prepare for your Reveal Scan.

Enjoy Your Reveal Scan

Enjoy the comfort of our spacious open-sided scanners as you receive an unmatched quality of care.

Step FourReceive Your Reveal Report

Your Images Will Be Read

Board-certified Radiologists will read your images with the help of state-of-the-art technology and detail their clinical findings.

Your Health Will Be Revealed

You will receive an easy-to-understand Reveal Report that gives you actionable insights about your findings and empowers you to take charge of your health and your future.


LastlyReview Your Reveal Report

We offer a complentary follow-up with each Reveal Scan to discuss your Reveal Report. It is also recommended to discuss any findings with your primary care physician.

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What Should You Expect?



Our team has been providing high quality care for more than 30 years and performed hundreds of thousands of diagnostic scans. We take our craft seriously and pride ourselves on being the best.



Check in for your appointment and slip into your new Reveal branded pajamas before sliding into our state-of-the-art open-sided MRI scanner, specially designed to alleviate claustrophobia and easily accommodate larger bodies. Pick your favorite Spotify station or podcast and relax while our highly-trained technicians capture all the images for the radiologists to read.



Your images will be meticulously analyzed by world-class radiologists in search of hundreds of potentially adverse and informational findings. Your findings will be translated into a secure, easy-to-understand Reveal Report designed to give you clarity and peace of mind about what's really happening inside your body.

I plan to get a full body scan every year as part of my annual health routine. Yearly physicals do very little to prevent serious health problems. If you're able, I highly recommend getting scanned.

Ben Goldmann - Los Angeles, CA


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