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Our crazy-not-crazy ideaChange the world by revealing cancer early.

We are a team of seasoned medical technologists, care providers, and entrepreneurs — clearing a path toward a future where people live fuller and more abundant lives while spending less time and money managing symptoms.

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We Believe

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Being proactive is the key to early detection and living a fuller and more abundant life. Every minute and dollar you invest in your health today will pay dividends tomorrow.

You should be in charge of your health

Nobody will care more about your health and future than you will - not your doctor, not insurance companies, not the government. Stop waiting for symptoms before taking action, prevent them in the first place.

Peace of mind is the best medicine

It's no secret - stress can take years off your life. Knowing what's happening inside your body empowers you to run toward your future without being encumbered by anxiety because tomorrow has already been revealed.

Take Charge
Who has ever added a year to their life by worrying about

Our Founder

Tom Heffernan, founder of Reveal MRI, began his healthcare journey as a U.S. Army Deep Sea Diver in the early 1990s. His pivotal moment came when he witnessed the healing power of hyperbaric medicine, saving a diabetic patient from amputation. This experience led Tom to pioneer Chronic Wound Centers, initiating a career dedicated to innovative outpatient treatment facilities.

As a co-founder of MMR Holdings, Inc., Tom spearheaded the development of open MRI facilities, addressing patient concerns about traditional closed tube and wide-bore MRI machines. His visionary leadership expanded into diverse healthcare domains, contributing to the development of lithotripsy centers, women's healthcare units, cosmetic laser surgery centers, and cryoablation facilities.

Understanding the power of preventive medicine, Tom envisioned full-body MRI scans as a game-changer in healthcare. Reveal MRI was created in order to offer affordable full-body scans, believing early disease detection can revolutionize healthcare by identifying conditions before symptoms emerge, potentially saving lives and healthcare costs.

With an extensive background in healthcare technology, Tom is passionate about Reveal's potential to impact millions of lives. His belief in the transformative power of early detection and preventive care drives his vision for a healthier future, where cutting-edge technology enables accessible and comprehensive health assessments for everyone.

More importantly, Tom knows the Lord has guided him his entire life; both personally and in business, to help and guide others. He and his wife, Arielle, live in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with their three boys. They enjoy hiking, mountaineering, and strategy board games. Tom is also deeply devoted to his church, serving both as an elder and a high school Sunday school teacher. Giving back to the community is central to his family's life.

Tom Heffernan, Founder & CEO

What you can expect...

High-field open MRI scanners

Our high-field open MRI scanners provide state-of-the-art images and superior comfort compared to the traditional tube or wide-bore machines. They were specially designed to alleviate claustrophobia and offer more room for all body types. They also increase the resolution of the images produced, and reduce overall scan time.

Secure Dashboard

Manage the lifecycle of your scans from your own secure Reveal Dashboard. From there, you will complete and maintain your medical history, schedule your Telehealth appointment(s), review your Reveal Report, and more.

Easy-to-understand Reveal Report

A huge part of being proactive about your health is having the ability to understand your findings without needing a medical degree. Along with your official physicians report, you will receive a translated version of your findings designed to give you actionable insights and empower you to stay in the driver's seat on the road of your health journey.


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